Helpful tips for a pet-friendly interior

How do you integrate pets into your household?  Here are three tips on how to create a cozy, cohesive, and pet-friendly space. 

  1. Easy in and out. Store training treats for walks by your entry/exit door to avoid running back in while your pet’s ready and waiting. For smooth re-entry, keep pet wipes and drying-off towels handy, which can double as quick door mats to keep unwanted wet leaves and dirt outside. 
  2. Cohesive design. When choosing pet beds and cat trees/scratching posts, consider the color and pattern; tartan beds are endearing, but such a traditional pattern can look out-of-place in a contemporary living room, for example. If in doubt, select a neutral, like gray or beige.
  3. Arrangement. Like furniture placement, where you put your pets’ accessories affects traffic flow. Avoid placing a pet bed in front of the fireplace to keep your hearth clear. Keep toys in an easily accessible box to reduce clutter and encourage play. Try placing your toy box next to a pet bed, so your pet can choose a toy and amble off to bed with it. When placing a cat accessory by a window, choose a design such as a cat tree that lets the natural light in.

Remember, the same principles of design for people work for pets, resulting in a beautiful and functional pet-centric interior. 

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