How does this work?

Easy simple steps: After your Initial Consultation, I create a contract, you fill out a short Questionnaire, I create your Color Palette and select Décor options via a Pinterest Mood Board, and coordinate labor.

During your initial color consultation, I’ll ask you about your space, its function, and how you would like to update it. We can chat via FaceTime or on your preferred platform. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, I will be glad to come to you. Once you have solidified your project scope, budget and schedule, I will create a contract and send you a Virtual Color Questionnaire to start work. Please fill it out and return within five business days. This is the first step to creating your color palette.

We’ll order samples after creating your color palette and if requested, will source décor options to complement your color palette. I’ll create a mood board on Pinterest for you to view your options all together on one site, rather than sending you a list of links to products. After your project is complete, I will email you an optional customer satisfaction survey.

Fee Schedule

  • Initial Consultation Fee: $100
  • Hourly Rate: $75
  • Travel Time Charge: $25 per hour

 We accept payment via checks, Venmo or Square.

Additional services coming soon:

  • Feng Shui Design
  • Professional Organizing