Lemons are hot again!

Part Two: How to lemonize your space

Can you imagine your life without lemons? Most of us wouldn’t be enjoying any summer lemonade if we lived 130 years ago, when lemons were grown by wealthy landowners and considered luxury items. 

Fortunately, times change.

The lemon industry as we know it got its start in late 19th century Southern California, and experienced an immediate boom. Although there was a sharp decline due to a virus in the 1940’s, lemons by then had become an affordable household staple. The lemon motif was born, appearing in modern home design, décor and clothing, as mass production evolved. 

The 1950’s saw the rise of the Mid Century lemon motif, in dresses, plates, fabric, wallpaper, home décor, and more, all of which are now trending as popular retro designs. 

The motif carried into the 60’s and evolved into the 70’s with the iconic lemon slice, still seen on Pyrex beverage pitchers, cushions, wallpaper, and other home décor. Overseas, the flourishing lemon groves of the Amalfii coast inspired Italian-made dinner plates available today. 

For a fun décor refresh, add some lemon tumblers to your table, or arrange coordinated lemon throw cushions anywhere. Update your dining or living area with lemon motif wallpaperVases are both beautiful and functional. And unlike holiday décor, you don’t have to put anything away after this season, as the motif brings brightness to the home year-round. 

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