Go Lilac in 2024!

New trends have arrived.

I was recently invited to the Sherwin-Williams color forecasting event “ColorMix 2024” to see what’s new. Note: as a Sherwin-Williams PRO+ partner, I now enjoy substantial paint discounts, which I can pass on to you, but more about that in a minute.  

 Dynamic new color trends for 2024 include:

  1. The convergence of blues and greens to evoke “precious gemstones and nature’s harmony.” There is a wide range emerging, from intense emerald type hues to smoky blue-gray, some brights, and the prevalence of deep blue.
  2. Reds and purples. Reds are becoming warmer and purple more prominent in living spaces, with pleasant colors such as Rhapsody Lilac. Warm earth tones like terracotta are rising in popularity for interiors and décor. 
  3. Deeps and darks. Think “earth inspired warm browns, mossy greens, volcanic gray and velvety midnight.” I blogged on this trend as it emerged about a year ago (visit “The Beauty of Black”). 
  4. Delicate tints. Shades of white layered with tints of silvery green and sandy hues bring a “refined serenity.” This is a charming trend that lends an artistic twist to a neutral palette (the silvery green in photo above is Window Pane SW 6210). 

Work with me to find your ideal refresh for 2024 and receive my Sherwin-Williams PRO+ discount price on paint and primer! Drop me a line at info@lilacdustcolor.com at your convenience. 

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