Is your space looking dingy?  Easy tips for a fast refresh 

With regular wear and tear comes dirt, dinginess, and disarray. When you need a quick but powerful refresh, follow these easy tips. Your room will look like it got a total makeover, with a fraction of the cost and effort:

  1. Spot paint. You don’t have to re-paint a whole room to achieve a bright, refreshed result. Instead, touch up high traffic areas like door frames and around doorknobs and light switches. (Be sure to use your original paint color)
  2. Clean baseboards. A quick go-round with spray cleanser takes next to no time. If you need more brightening, one coat of paint makes a huge difference. While you’re at it, wipe away those sneaky cobwebs that accumulate around corners and wall picture frames. 
  3. Get stuff off the floor. Invest in a hodge-podge basket you can place near a sofa or table. It’s a quick, stylish solution to de-cluttering the floor from scattered personal items, books, and everyday detritus. Buy something new and avoid re-using an old eyesore like a milk crate. There are many inexpensive, attractive basket or storage pouf options for a polished but casual look. 

Work with me to find your ideal refresh and receive my Sherwin-Williams PRO+ discount price on paint and primer! Drop me a line at at your convenience. 

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