The Beauty of Black

As 2022 dims, so do the fading interior color trends of gray, blue-green and pastels that have dominated in recent years.

On the horizon, set to take hold, are bolder colors, with designs shifting toward more definitive and classic spaces. For this reason, and because it conveys a perennial sense of polish, consider Black for your next interior makeover. Here are three tips on why Black isn’t back; it has never gone away, and especially with the new trends, is here to stay:

  • It’s ideal for many sized rooms. Black gives a blurred edges effect, which makes a room appear bigger. This effect, where you can’t tell where the corners exactly start and stop, is ideal for a cool and calm sleep environment. It can also make a large space look homey and cozy.
  • It’s a good replacement for aimless beige and blah neutrals such as white walls and a beige sofa. The contrast of color splashes against Black will appear more vivid than in a neutral room.  A living room can be so much more liveable by adding drama and interest with a Black interior and accessories (read on). 
  • It is so much fun to accessorize a Black room with many flexible possibilities. Crushed red, plants galore, a mirror or two to maximize natural light, floor lamps, velvet cushions, textured textiles such as bold rugs, casual ottomans…the door is open to many enticing and easy accessory styles we can customize to your taste.

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See you in ’23!