“Hey, where can I get one of those?”

Why a connected decorator is your best bet

Need wallpaper for a library? A sofa for a small activity space? A chandelier for the kitchen? Lilac Dust has sourced all these items and more.

Here are a few everyday treasures from recent and ongoing projects, sourced from our industry partners’ trade programs, with the discounts passed on to our clients. 

  1. Wallpaper for a library from Decorator’s Best Trade Program, discounted per roll. This Deco-inspired pattern defines the accent wall as a library space, while complementing cherry wood book shelving. 
  2. Sofa for a small activity/TV area from Wayfair Pro (Trade Program).  A cozy blue with double pile cushions and matching ottoman is functional and versatile. 
  3. Pendant Light Chandelier for a Transitional-style kitchen from Wayfair Pro (Trade Program) adds a stylish focal point. The transformation-in-progress kitchen from a neon yellow eyesore to a beautiful contemporary space will be stunning. 

Projects take time to complete; watch for official photos in the Gallery later this Spring.

Note: these same clients used the Lilac Dust/Sherwin-Williams PRO+ discount on primer/paint, and saved thousands. Available to Lilac Dust customers at no additional mark-up. 

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Image courtesy of Wayfair Pro.