How our B2B partnerships benefit you

Starsky & Hutch. 

Cagney & Lacey. 

Simon & Simon. 

Partnerships help drive a story and an outcome. Often, partners pool their various personalities and resources (such as the above 1980s buddy cop TV characters), working together on solving a case.

Similarly, Lilac Dust provides consulting and design services while our business partners offer products, such as paint, lighting, and furniture. When you do business with Lilac Dust, you benefit from our partners’ perks. So it’s partners working together for a satisfactory outcome (your project), but without the car chases.

Here’s how our partnerships offer you added value:

  1. Cost savings. As a Sherwin-Williams PRO+ partner, we are able to offer our clients discounted paint prices. Our partnership directly benefits you and saves you enough to help offset other costs, such as labor.  Your painter simply gives their Sherwin-Williams store our account number to receive the discounted price. 
  2. Better sourcing. We’re a Wayfair PRO Professional, which means access to exclusive business pricing, sourcing, and a hotline to Wayfair’s internal designers.  
  3. Convenience. Why do all the work and pay full price, when you can hire an affordable, connected designer? 

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