How does a decorator offer value? Look to the Three P’s!

The Three P’s – Perspective, Production, and Prioritizing – reveal specifically how hiring a decorator saves you time, money, and second-guessing:

  1. Perspective. It’s hard to evaluate your own space when it’s so familiar. You know you want a refresh, but you don’t know exactly what kind, or what it might require. A qualified decorator, with a fresh set of eyes, cuts through pre-project frustration to clarify your preferences and create focus. 
  2. Production. Now that you have a clear idea of how you want your space to look and function, your decorator puts the wheels in motion. Deciding on a color palette, identifying dependencies (so one task doesn’t hold up another), outlining a budget and sourcing furniture/decor are all basic production steps. Accessorizing, a key element of production, makes your space look finished and polished.  
  • Prioritizing. Working within a budget, a good decorator helps you prioritize, according to the function of the space. This service provides guidance on when to spend more on certain features.  For example, in this small kitchen a dramatic glass backsplash, both ornamental and functional, defined the character of the space more than the flooring and, therefore, took up more of the budget.

Orchestrating the Three P’s throughout the design process is important, yet tricky. An interior decorator’s expertise assures that these elements work together for a delightful customer experience.  

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