The Beauty of Organic Elements

Inexpensive, practical, and calming – organic elements such as plants, cut flowers, cotton, and textured poufs bring beauty to your space while giving it an effortless feeling of luxury.

Three tips to incorporate organic elements for a comfortable, polished look:

  1. Group small plants. A trick of the trade is to group in odd numbers; three is usually the best. A plant grouping instantly looks sophisticated on any flat surface. Just one small plant, such as the cute mini pilea, on a bedside tray, adds a homey touch. 
  2. Pair cotton with pewter or sliver, a classic combination. You can buy cotton at a crafts store and arrange it in a pewter pitcher, maybe adding a candlestick or two (remember, accessories are best grouped in odd numbers). Or you can lay the cotton flat and place it by a silver or pewter candle holder, centering the arrangement on a mantel.
  3. If you have natural light, don’t waste it! Large plants add character, freshen the air, and are often inexpensive and easy to keep.  See the beautiful palm in our “after” gallery (pictured above) that cost just $35 and loves living by the window. This guest room’s dramatic makeover by Lilac Dust Design was boosted by the key addition of small and large plants, linking the indoor space to the outdoor garden. We added an organic textured pouf for a cohesive design – and an inviting place to perch! Beauty meets functionality. 

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