Adding antiques to the mix

Thanks to supply chain issues, which can cause delays in shipping new furniture, antique sales have boomed. But there are other good reasons to take a second look at second-hand furniture:

  1. It’s environmentally friendly. Rather than buying new, you’re basically recycling.
  2. Antiques add interest. You can mix them up with what you have to enhance a variety of contemporary styles, from casual to transitional to country to eclectic.
  3. You can re-purpose them. Use a vintage tea table as your bedside dresser.

Wait, vintage, you say? I thought we were talking about antiques. Here’s the differentiator. Antiques are considered 100+ years old, except cars which are defined as antiques after 25 years. The beautiful glasses in our photo above are dated as 1920 Art Deco, so they are considered antiques. There are different opinions about vintage, as some people say the item must be 20-99 years old, and others say 30-40 years old. Whatever you choose, be sure to check for quality so you don’t wind up with something beautiful but wobbly. Also, if you are shopping online, have your measurements handy to ensure your purchase will fit in your space. 

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