Affordable ways to maximize space and keep your cats happy too

Cats have a way of getting into small spaces. They love a box, or a bag, a drawer, and even a vintage 24-track tape machine (true story, my stealthy cat was once a stowaway in one. Hey, they’re warm). 

With over 58 million pet cats in the U.S. alone, that’s a lot of small space domination. Here are a few tips to gain some space without intruding on your cat’s territories:

  1. Got an unused corner? While your cat may suggest a fluffy bed for that space, you could also transform it into a reading corner or office with a mounted wall desk. Mounted wooden shelves add warmth and take up no floor space, allowing room for a chair. Presto! A functional and cute cubbyhole. 
  2. Free up table space by replacing lamps with decorative and functional wall sconces. Your cat will approve because there will be more room for it to jump on the table and stick its nose in your coffee. 
  3. If you have a window seat, your cat has already claimed it. Game over. But you can use the space below by installing drawers or shelves. Perfect for blankets, books, anything! You will probably need a carpenter for this upgrade, but the storage space you gain will be well worth it. Add charm with a decorative knob or drawer handle. 

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