Who is Lilac Dust Design?

Let’s face it, a lot of interior designs in magazines look the same, as they’re stylized for a photo shoot or even a magazine cover. The light is often very bright, the furniture is usually big, the kitchen a swath of colors. Does anyone really live like that?

The answer is yes, they do, but you don’t have to. Your home can look coordinated and interesting without loud, over-the-top designs (unless you want that!). Your space should reflect your personality.

A business can also have a personality, reflected in its Brand.  Our Brand Position, Promise and Personality convey what we offer and how we operate. Making your home look like you? That’s our Brand Position. Making it reflect your personality? That’s our Brand Promise. How we execute this? With our Brand Personality. 

This is who Lilac Dust Design is:

  • Our Position: For homeowners who want to refresh their dwelling with a color and/or décor makeover, but don’t know where to start, Lilac Dust Design and Color Consulting provides multi-faceted virtual and in-person services by translating clients’ dreams into reimagined, functional spaces. 
  • Our Promise: We deliver quality custom color and design services by interpreting our clients’ tastes and desired outcomes. 
  • Our Personality: International background, variety, inclusive, eco-friendly, animal friendly, forward thinking, dynamic, fresh, out of the box, intuitive, inventive, all generations, hands-on, artistic, perceptive, flexible, multi-faceted, fun, stylish, social, festive, comfortable. 

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