Refreshed house energy means a refreshed you!

Here are three easy tips to get your new energy flowing:

  1. Out with the old. A good first step is deciding what can go. You may have already put together a pile of gifts you didn’t want, but didn’t want to “re-gift”. Or clothes you have hung onto for “later” but that others could use, such as office clothes or shoes. Or kitchen items you bought but don’t use, and just take up space.  
  2. Enjoy the benefits of a new houseplant or two. They will vitalize your space by clearing the air, taking in our CO2 to produce O2, a way to exchange old for new. Easy to care for plants include Moneytrees, Monstera Deliciosa and Peace Lilies.
  3. Hold a household smudging ceremony. Mark the era of your reset by burning some sage to clear your space’s energy. Think of what you would like to move along and then invite new energy and inspiration into your home. It may sound dubious to some, but declaring energetic intentions really does help bring in the new.

And speaking of energy, we’ll let you know when we’ll provide Feng Shui Design to our list of home services we’ll offer in 2023 from Lilac Dust Design and Color Consulting LLC. 

Happy refreshing!